7 Things You Thought The 1st Week The Baby Was Home

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You can easily distinguish the faces of new parents simply by the utter confusion, exhaustion and pride that creeps across their faces.

Becoming “Mom” or “Dad” for the first time is a memory and moment that trumps most others. It’s not that parents don’t love the 2nd, 3rd or subsequent children, but that when you bring your very first child home for the first time, you are breaking new ground and experiencing things you never have before.

You are parenting without a rule book, and learning on the job. The first week home with a new baby may even be the hardest week ever, yet as new parents who know nothing, you’re expected to keep this kiddo going. No pressure, right?

Here are 7 things new parents think the first week that new baby is home!

1- Is That The Cat or The Baby?

Babies make noises you wouldn’t expect. For such tiny little things, the noises that come out of them is startling. You’ll find yourself wondering ‘WTH? Was that the cat? Or the baby??”

2- Will I Break the Baby?

Yes, it’s most likely you will fear breaking, dropping or hurting your baby unintentionally. I remember my first diaper change. I was like, “Am I doing this right?” Some people have a lot of experience with infants, but I didn’t. Many new parents have that fear, especially dads.

3-  That’s One Big Head

The baby’s head seems so, well,  large, in comparison to the rest of its body for quite some time, but it’s still the cutest and most adorable round thing to wear a tiny little beanie hat on!

4-  This Is The Best!

New parents, while tired and running on overdrive, still have to pinch themselves when looking at their baby joy! It’s hard to believe that that cute little baby is yours. You find yourself thinking, “Man, this is really the best!”

5-   Hungry Again?

The baby will want to eat and eat those first few weeks and months! In the first few weeks, your little one’s belly is not able to hold much so, but he or she will still be feeding frequently just enough to fill that tiny belly.

6- I Am SO Tired

My daughter was a fantastic sleeper, but even I was tired. Tired from labor. Tired from a subsequent C-section. Tired from breastfeeding. The exhaustion that first week was rough.

7-  It’s Your Turn

While most times moms may be doing the majority of the feedings, new parents will look at each other this first week and most of the first year, (and probably for life) thinking, “It’s your turn to care for that baby and my turn to rest.”


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