YouTuber Beats Up His Stepdad For Abusing His Mom During Live Streaming

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Note: The below video may be disturbing for some viewers

On 11 March, YouTuber, Truth Behind The Lies was live streaming. During the stream, he left his room and got into a physical altercation with his abusive stepfather.

While doing a live stream on his channel, he heard a loud noise, which can be heard in the video as well. The gamer told his friends that he thought his stepdad was beating his mom and left the stream to investigate what was going on.

Around 1:46 into the video, he comes back onto the stream and explains that he just got into a physical fight with his step-father and was going to call the police.

At around 22:26, he comes back onto the stream and explains to his friends that he beat up his step-father because he was intoxicated and put his hands on his mother. At the end of the video, you can see how angry and frustrated he was as a result of what had happened.

The next day, Truth uploaded a video on his channel titled “The Story of Beating Up My Stepdad,” where he explains in detail on why he fought his stepfather.

In the video you can hear people yelling in the background, someone yelling “STOP IT” and people swearing.

This streamer stood up to protect his mom from his terrible abuse and ended up with some cuts on his hand.

Although the altercation itself wasn’t caught on camera, the audio in the background will certainly be useful evidence for the police.

Watch the video:

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