Young boy delivers baby brother, saves mother’s life after she goes into labour early

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Young boy delivers baby brother, saves mother’s life after she goes into labour early

A mother from Louisiana in the US has hailed her 10-year-old son a hero after he delivered her baby when she unexpectedly went into labour at just 34 weeks pregnant.

The boy, Jayden Fontenot, is now credited with saving her life – and that of his baby brother Daxx.

Jayden’s mother Ashly Moreau went to use the restroom after her partner had left for work on August 11 when things took a terrifying turn.

“My water broke and I looked down and my son’s feet were hanging out,” Ms Moreau told KPLC-TV.

Jayden went to his grandmother’s house next door, but she had recently undergone surgery and was unable to walk. She did however call 911 and the 10-year-old raced back home.

The 10-year-old delivered his baby brother on the bathroom floor. Source: KPLC-TV

The baby was initially in breech position and Ms Moreau was also bleeding profusely, reportedly told later that it was most likely due to her placenta detaching from the wall of her uterus.

“I said (to Jayden), ‘You’re going to have to deliver your brother, and we have to do it fast because the baby’s feet are turning blue and he can’t breathe,* Ms Moreau told TODAY in the US.

“He said, ‘Tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it.”

Jayden helped to rotate Daxx out of the breech position but when he had been delivered he wasn’t breathing.

That’s when the 10-year-old rushed to grab a nasal aspirator which his mother uses for his young sister. With it he reportedly began to pump air into the infant’s nose and mouth.

Ms Moreau had only been 34 weeks pregnant when she went into labour. Source: KPLC-TV

Fortunately the baby began breathing and moments later the paramedics arrived to take the pair to hospital.
Ms Moreau told TODAY that every time she thinks about it she cries.

“I don’t think Jayden understands what he’s done and how big it is,” she said.

Daxx has remained in hospital but is expected home in a week or so.

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