Would You Let Your Baby Sleep Alone In A Hotel Room?

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An article published in the Telegraph a few weeks ago has sparked yet another parenting debate. If there aren’t enough already…

The article is about parents who left their baby to sleep in their hotel room while they took the baby monitor with them to the restaurant downstairs.

The article didn’t go down well with many parents and words like “neglectful” and ‘irresponsible’ were common in the comment thread.

From the feedback, it seems that most parents would never do this while others felt that with the advances in technology, it was a lot easier to watch over your child from a distance. The author of the article said  “I’m sorry, but if you think that, you are letting a fear of the unknown – or at least the highly unlikely – run your lives

Fair enough, but the thought of leaving your baby in a place where complete strangers may have access is just too much for many parents to handle!

One of the commenters said “Many people have access to hotel rooms. You risk a stranger being in the room with them. As a parent that is your job, to protect them from harm. AS if eating dinner is ‘super important’ and defines your life. IF you think going out and eating and drinking is some sort of ‘birthright’ you got it wrong…. Some parents these days have kids for selfish reasons and as such they are just selfish people. Imagine leaving a helpless, defenceless, little baby around the possibility of evil strangers , just because you want to stuff your face with decadent food !! Sicko ! “

Would you leave your baby alone in a hotel room?

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