Woman’s Rant Against Mommy Shamers Is The Best Ever

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Mommy shaming has always been a thing but is probably something that’s just becoming more noticeable because of social media.

Society loves to judge mommies because they sometimes don’t meet some standard of motherhood and recently one woman made it clear on Instagram, that she doesn’t care who set that standard or why! She has no tolerance for it and her rant expressing her feelings is being praised.

Alex Heppner’s is a young mom who is enjoying life with her 2-year-old daughter Maxine.

In her Instagram bio, she describes herself thus: “Hippie Mama – Floor Lava Champ – Bourbon Drinker – Brand New Californian – The girl is my world but doesn’t need to be all over IG.”

However, according to CafeMom, Heppner was unhappy about the reaction she got from strangers when she took her little one on a trip to Disneyland.

Next to a selfie with her daughter who was sucking on a pacifier, the Mother wrote: “Maxine and I went to Disney yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice how quick people are to judge…

“Max is two, almost three, and she still sometimes uses a pacifier. Cause guess what? Disney is overwhelming for me as a grown ass woman; it’s incredibly overwhelming for some kids and pacifiers help calm senses. NO SHAME.”

Heppner went on to point out the other moms she noticed while out on her trip to Disneyland to illustrate how different mothers deal with situations in their own individual way and shouldn’t be shamed for their choices.

She wrote: “A mom was nursing her little nugget incognito by a garbage area to be out of sight. Go feed that babe and still enjoy the park! NO SHAME.

“I personally don’t let Max have much sugar but I saw many mamas treating their babes to plenty. NO SHAME.

She added: “I personally don’t put a backpack with a leash on my toddler but I saw a mom wrangling a pack of toddlers alone. Some had those backpacks, yo [sic] go girl. NO SHAME.

“Some Mom’s had their whole family in head to toe matching themed outfits. Max wore a shirt I found at Walmart the night before for five dollars. Everyone looked adorable. NO SHAME.”

Heppner ended off by saying: “But guess what all of the moms had in common? Kids with smiles from ear to ear while they spent the day in wonderland.

“We need to stop judging other moms and stick together. Don’t ever let your whispers or looks make another mom feel like she’s not a good one.”

She added a little note on why Maxine looked so grumpy in the photo. Heppner wrote: “PS – She was so sick of pictures at this point that the sass was out in full force. Still, no shame.”

Love this! Are you over all this Mom-shaming thing as much as I am?

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