Woman Trips On Escalator And Drops Baby To Its Death

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A mother’s worst nightmare was realized when she stumbled over her outfit on an escalator and dropped her baby 40 feet to its death at a shopping center in Uzbekistan.

Security camera footage from the shopping center in Uzbekistan shows the woman in a long dress and a headscarf coming down an escalator with a baby in her right arm. She was holding an older child with her left hand.

It appears as if the dress got stuck in the escalator, causing her to fall down the steps and the child to fall out of her arms and then over the side of the escalator.

The height the baby fell from was equal to that of a four-story building which is typically 40 feet, and fell onto the tiled flooring below.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene but were unable to save the child’s life.

There has been a massive reaction to the shocking incident and the video was shared locally online. Some people were insensitive and blamed the mother for the death, saying that her clothing choice was inappropriate.

What an awful tragedy.

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