Woman Returns Her Friend’s Daughter: 11 Years After She Kidnapped Her

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The girl’s mother never stopped looking for her, and would still put up flyers 11 years after losing her.

Friends are meant to be the people that we turn to for help and our only hope when times get bad.

There are even people who would literally sacrifice everything they have for the sake of a friend.

However in this case a woman brought the worst kind of heartbreak to her “friend” who trusted her with everything—including the safety of her own daughter.

Rubymar Salonga from Pampanga, Philippines lost her baby when she was just a few weeks old in October 4, 2006.

She was busy for a moment and didn’t notice that her friend, Perlita Cueto, had taken her baby.

Rubymar did everything that she could to look for her daughter, but it was all in vain.

For 11 years, Rubymar searched high and low, but was never able to see her daughter again.

It was only until somebody saw one of the flyers and contacted Rubymar. There was hope.

The caller had recognized the woman in the photos, and claimed that she had been in Batangas all along. At that very moment, Rubymar and her family rushed to Batangas to confront Perlita.

That was when Rubymar found out that Perlita used her daughter, now named Jillian Cueto, to hold on to her live-in partner, Gilberto Cueto.

Perlita apparently pretended that she was pregnant, and told Gilberto that she had already given birth. She went to Batangas with Jillian, making Gilberto extremely happy and hopeful.

However, their relationship started to turn sour 3 years after the kidnapping. Gilberto would occasionally hit and physically abuse Perlita, prompting her to “almost” run away. But, Gilberto refused to let Jillian go, making Perlita stay.

Radio and TV host Raffy Tulfo helped Rubymar get Jillian back, and offered to have Jillian up for DNA testing.

Gilberto initially refused, claiming that he would never allow a DNA test unless presented with a court order. However, though the trial wasn’t over yet, Gilberto later decided to go on with the test without further ado.

Tests later showed that there was a 99.98% chance that Rubymar was  the mother of Jillian.

Rubymar and Jillian both agreed to punish Perlita, and let the lawmakers decide on what punishment she should receive.

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