Woman Posts Pics With Her First Gun Boasting Of Her ‘Safe’ Personality, But Regrets It Later

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You have to be very careful about the things you say on social media these days.

As so many people have found out to their cost, your past comments may just be dug up and used against you to make you look pretty silly, hypocritical or even incriminate you if you really screwed up.

This was the exactly the case with Fiona, the subject of this story who uploaded a picture of herself and her new gun on the Facebook group DC9, and arrogantly defending her ‘safe’ personality and suitability for gun ownership.

At the same time being, in her own words, a ‘flamboyant liberal queer.’

From the beginning, the whole situation raised concerns for people who knew Fiona and expressed their doubts about her purchase.

But sadly, now these guys get to say ‘I told you so’.

Just weeks after Fiona’s purchase she got into a world of trouble.

Whether you think the public ridicule and shaming Fiona has received thanks to her Facebook post is a good or a bad thing is up to you, but it should serve as a lesson to us all.

Be careful what you say, it’s out there for good and can easily come back to bite you.

This self-proclaimed ‘liberal queer’s’ story has spread online in the wake of the gun control debate.

And it immediately raised red flags even in the comments section below the post and sure enough, it escalated quickly.

The incident occurred on the streets of Las Cruces, New Mexico. A woman and her 13-year-old sister were driving up to an intersection when another car, driven by Fiona, approached and began honking at them. A post by Las Cruces Police Department says that “both vehicles turned north and both drivers engaged in aggressive driving.”

It was at this time that Fiona, for reasons unknown, fired a gun at the other vehicle, through her own rear windshield.

Fiona then reportedly “fled the immediate area but was located a short while later at an apartment,” the Police reported. She was taken into custody and police located a spent .380 calibre shell casing inside Fiona’s Mazda. Police also recovered the .380 calibre handgun Fiona is believed to have used.

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