Woman goes to hospital for ‘kidney stones,’ comes homes with baby boy

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It’s been an interesting few days for Stephanie Jaegers and her husband, Michael.

It all began Tuesday night when Michael got a call from his wife, who said she she was having abdominal pains and needed to go to the hospital. She thought the pain came from kidney stones.

When they arrived at Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge, Ga., the doctor asked if Stephanie might be pregnant. She said no, and doctors began preparing her for x-rays.

But after some observations, doctors had a sudden change of plans.

“‘She’s not getting a CAT scan, she’s getting an ultrasound,'” Michael Jaegers recalled the doctor saying.

That’s right. Stephanie Jaegers was pregnant.

And not only was she pregnant, she was VERY pregnant. Doctors said she was at 38 weeks.

“There are no words to describe the range of feelings associated with being told that you’re having a baby — in 30 minutes,” Michael said.

Within 30 minutes, doctors were preparing Stephanie to give birth. 

“It wasn’t until we heard the heartbeat that reality set in,” Michael said.


At 3:50 a.m. on Wednesday, Shaun Jude Jaegers came into the world. At 7 pounds, 3 oz and 19 inches long, he appeared to be a very healthy baby.

That’s even more amazing considering they had no prenatal care.


  1. Yolanda Noir

    October 23, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    What sweet loving stone

  2. Gabriela Meyer

    October 24, 2016 at 6:27 am

    She should name him Stone

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