Woman Confronts Teens Who Were Torturing A Seal, Then Gets Punched In The Face

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A gang of teens has viciously attacked a woman after she tried to stop them from torturing a baby seal to death.

Sarah Tough got punched in the face – so hard that her nose piercing punctured her septum.

The teens had been trying to bury the seal alive in the sand and allowed their dogs to attack the creature, on a beach in the U.K.

The 25-woman shared a photograph of her injuries on social media stating “Got punched in the nose by some little smack head because him and his pals were busy torturing a baby seal on Crimdon Beach, rolling him around and burying it in the sand, letting their dog on it.”

Talking about the incident, she said “They had lurcher dogs with them and were trying to set them on it. I went over and said some choice words to them and told them to stop. One of them basically asked who I thought I was talking to and punched me in the nose.

Luckily its not broken but there was a lot of blood and it was like a searing hot pain. It’s still sore now. Im not so worried about myself though, I’m just glad the seal is safe


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