How Wireless Radiation Affects Your Kids

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Our children are growing up in times where wireless technologies are part and parcel of their everyday life – cell phones, tablets, and laptops are the “toys” of this day and age, which some kids (and adults) can’t live without. Technology has massive benefits but as the saying goes – too much of a good thing is bad!

Along with these wireless devices, come a sea of radiation which research shows can pose health risks during pregnancy and during early childhood.

There is a biological impact which comes with wireless radiation and it affects cellular growth, DNA replication, and neurological functioning. Our kids will have a longer lifetime exposure to this. A young child’s brain absorbs 2-10 times more radiation than an adult from the same exposure.

Research by Yale School of Medicine has also found that mice who were exposed to radiation as fetuses had reduced memory capacity and tended to be more hyperactive. Cell phone radiation is also associated with lower sperm count and reduced sperm quality.

Currently, there are no real regulations and safety standards out there to combat this problem. In fact, the current U.S cell phone standards are more than 20 years old. The American Academy of Pediatrics has however openly urged the FCC to update their standards.

So the question is – How do we balance the health risks from everyday radiation with everyday convenience which these devices provide for our children?

Here are a few simple ways of reducing your kid’s exposure:

  1. Turn off WI-FI routers

When not in use, turn off the router. Do not place WI-FI routers in a bedroom.

  1. Airplane Mode

Switching your mobile device to airplane mode easily turns off wireless radiation. Do this especially when your child is playing with the device.

  1. Shielding

There are some innovative products out there to reduce your child’s risk, such as those produced by belly armor. These products shield, by neutralizing incoming electromagnetic waves, canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing exposure.

From nursing covers to belly blankets, there is a range of products to shield your little one from radiation, even before they are born!

  1. Time limit

Set boundaries and limit your children’s time using wireless devices.

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