You Will Be Shocked To See What Could Be Growing In Your Child’s Sippy Cups And Toys

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After a number of recent recalls of Sippy Cups, ABC News did some digging to see just how many germs are growing in Toddler’s sippy Cups and bath toys.

With the constant exposure to a wet environment, these items are potentially a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

ABC News asked their viewers to send in their kids favourite sippy cup or bath toy which was then tested. The results were quite surprising – in some cases the items were as dirty as a toilet bowl!

25% of the Sippy Cups which were tested contained faecal bacteria – GROSS – but according to Dr. Susan Whittier from New York Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center, the health risk of this is actually minimal.

Rubber, foam, and plastic bath toys were tested and it was found that the rubber toys were the dirtiest. Two of the toys even contained mold inside them. According to Whittier, if a child ingests the mold the result is unpredictable but he or she may get an allergic reaction to it.

This news follows our recent report on a post going viral on Facebook which highlights where mold had grown in the Sippy cup

So how do you make sure your child’s sippy cup and bath toys are properly cleaned:

  1. Clean bath toys with disinfectant wipes and rinse at least once a week.
  2. Only buy sippy cups which can come completely apart. Clean them in a dishwasher on a high heat setting.
  3. Make sure that these items dry completely before using them again.


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