Sugar Is Addictive Just Like Alcohol And Cocaine

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It’s no secret that too much sugar in one’s diet is bad for your health, but the video below actually shows how sugar is actually killing us. Sugar is addictive just like alcohol and cocaine – consuming or just thinking about it causes a euphoric effect which triggers the produce of Dopamine in the brain which is a neurotransmitter that controls pleasure and reward motivated behavior.

Here are some specifics about sugar:

  • The average person takes in about 95 grams of sugar per day. This may sound like nothing but this equates to 75 pounds of added sugar per year
  • The American Heart Association recommends the following guidelines for sugar intake:
    • Male: 36g per day
    • Females: 20g per day
    • Children: 12g per day
  • Sugary drinks are probably the biggest culprit when it comes to high sugar levels. Just one of these drinks can make up your daily intake.
  • Food manufacturers use more than 30 different names for the most common sugars so it becomes quite tricky when you are trying to make an informed purchase.

Why is sugar so bad for you?

  • When consumed, sugars convert to carbohydrates which in turn convert to glucose and fructose. Glucose causes the pancreas to secrete a hormone known as insulin which causes the body to store fat. The liver deals with fructose but high levels of sugar will have a negative impact on it.
  • Secreting more and more insulin will eventually cause an insulin resistance in response to the carbohydrates in the diet – which makes us fatter and it also results in a fatty build up in the now inflamed arteries.
  • Some doctors refer to this as a metabolic disturbance as the body can no longer regulate itself. This is also believed to cause diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and obesity and it can eventually kill you.

5 Simple Things to do to avoid and reverse the effects of high sugar intake

  1. Avoid sugary drinks – give tea and carbonated water a try. Why drink all your calories?
  2. Read food labels carefully. Processed foods are convenient but it is often loaded with sugar and provides little nutrition.
  3. Exercise regularly – even a half hour daily walk can help relieve stress, control blood sugar levels and cravings.
  4. Do not trust processed low fat foods. Missing fats are usually replaced by added salt and sugar.
  5. Eat more fibre – at least 25-30g per day. Fibre is high in vitamins and anti-oxidants and also keeps you fuller for longer.

It’s all about making wiser choices as part of a well- balanced diet!

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