Internet Safety Tips For Parents

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Navigating the World Wide Web as an adult can be overwhelming enough, let alone helping your children stay safe and protected in the online world.

But there are a few simple Internet safety steps every parent can take to help ensure a secure and wholesome Internet experience.

Internet filtering

Probably one of the first things — and one of the easiest things — parents can do is to set up web filtering on your router, which limits access to certain things across all devices connected to the Internet. Three of the top-ranked internet filters for 2015, according to are: Net Nanny, Safe Eyes and Cyber Patrol.

Set YouTube age restrictions

If your children love watching videos on YouTube, consider setting up a family account. This way, it’s easier to control age restrictions and other kid-friendly settings, according to Yahoo.

Create an open-door policy with passwords

It may not be a popular option, but if parents require all passwords from various social media and online accounts to be written down and shared, it might deter behavior that kids wouldn’t want parents to see.

No Secret Places

Keep computers in a common area and/or don’t allow kids to take gadgets to bedrooms at night. By limiting privacy and holding them more accountable, kids might be less tempted to explore corners of the Internet that they shouldn’t, according to advice from Scholastic.


Have conversations about online reputation. One of the most important things parents to do to keep kids safe online is to talk to them about the permanence of posting photos, videos and more online. These things can remain visible to the public eye forever, and they can spread faster than wildfire.

Educate about cyberbullying

In the same sense, make sure to have a conversation about cyber bullying. Whether your child is the one dishing out hateful messages, or the one receiving them, make sure it is clear this behavior is not acceptable. It has severe consequences, and they can always come to mom and dad for help.

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