What Every Parent Needs To Know About Water Safety

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We hear it on the news and we hear stories from our friends but it can literally happen to any family in the blink of an eye!

Kids love being in and around the water but we as parents need to ensure their safety at all times. Drowning is one of the top causes of unnatural death amongst children but at the same time, these ill-fated events are very preventable.

Here are a few water safety tips which we as parents can do to prevent such a tragic occurrence and ensure that your time spent at the pool is a happy and safe time for everyone.


Never leave a child alone in or around water – be it the pool, ocean or even in the bath! Be watchful and keep an observant eye on the children around water, keep pool gates locked or cover your pool with a certified pool net. A basic course in first aid and CPR will also make a difference in the outcome of an incident should the skills be applied timeously.


Having multiple layers of safety around pool and spa areas or any other open bodies of water (such as a safety net, a closed fence and a surface alarm) can prevent tragic accidents.

Prevention is better than cure!

Make sure that these barriers are well maintained and properly fitted at all times. Also make sure that when your kids are swimming over at a neighbour or family member’s home that these are in place.

Swimming lessons

My 2.5 year old daughter has started swimming lessons this year and the first lessons she learnt was how to climb out of the pool and how to float on her back.

Children should actually learn to swim as soon as possible. It’s important for them to be trained in survival skills such as floating and treading water and even if they are able to do so, constant supervision is still always necessary.

Finally and this goes without saying – remember the sunhats and sunblock AND don’t forget to have fun!

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