Cool Down Your Angry Kid With These Super Easy Methods

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What human being  doesn’t  feel mad now and then? It doesn’t matter if your kid is an angry kid or heck, just gets angry sometimes– there are ways to diffuse that anger that won’t require blood, sweat and tears.


Yes. Really.

When my kiddo gets feisty and steamed, I have learned a few tactics to get her to cool down without causing an absolute nuclear preschool meltdown. And if you’ve been privy to such a meltdown, then you know what I am talking about! Try some of these easy ways to cool down your angry kid!

Humor is Your Ally

Using humor to diffuse anger is a great weapon in your parenting arsenal. This isn’t to say that you should blow off how a child feels if he or she is mad but that you should use some humor to get your kiddo to cool down, especially if your child tends to be hot-tempered. Trying to break the temper tantrum or angry rant with a little bit of laughter can go a long way.

When my little one was in her threenager stage, I would mimic her angry faces and noises. This made her laugh and eventually, I got her to smile and move on.

Give It Time

Another tool you can use with your kid when he or she is mad is to simply, walk away and give your kid time to cool down.  This is a tool you can use with  anyone of any age– old or young!  If your child is arguing with you or having a tantrum, walking away and letting your kiddo come to you when he or she is feeling better is optimal. This way if you would like to speak to your kid, you can then talk to him or her when he or she is feeling calm and ready to listen and talk in a productive way.

Note It!

Acknowledge that your kid is angry. Say, “It seems like you are angry right now,” and see where the conversation goes. It may be that your child needs to simply vent or be heard or perhaps, needs to be reminded of how he or she can cool down when heated.

Reading a book, taking a walk, listening to music, exercising or taking a time out are just a few ways that anyone, young or old, can cool down when feeling steamed.

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