WATCH: San Antonio Toddler Getting Worldwide Attention For Adorable Viral Video

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Kerry Robinson frequently posts videos of her adorable 21-month-old daughter. One of those videos has just gone viral – it’s been viewed over 14 million times.

In the Facebook post, Robinson said that she was having “salon talk” with her daughter, Jayde and joked that they were going to start a show. Well, who knows what could happen next…

The video has been picked up by the likes of Cosmopolitan as well as “Good Morning America” and even the “Ellen” show.

In the video, Jayde is brushing her mom’s hair and mimicking her mom as they pretend to have a gossipy conversation which might happen in a hair salon. Jayde echoes back to her mom phrases like, “Girl!” “He crazy!” and “Trippin’ right?”

Watch the video here:

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