WATCH: Police Trying To Find Mother Of Toddler Filmed Holding Meth Pipe And Wods Of Cash On His Lap.

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In incredibly shocking footage, a young boy sits perfectly still while a man in the front of the car, believed to be the mother’s boyfriend, asks him “are you already high?”

“Is it nice? If it’s nice, you must ask for this next time, okay?” the man asks the child.

“Are you feeling high? Good, stay that way.”

The child’s grandmother reportedly came across the video and immediately notified police in Kedah, Malaysia.

State Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said the boy’s grandmother spoke to police after one of her grandchildren sent her the clip.

“The complainant is unsure whether her grandson was drugged by the man or not,” he said. “She is however, worried for his safety. She wants to claim custody of the boy from his mother.”

He added: “We have launched an operation to arrest the suspect and to rescue the boy.”

Watch the shocking footage below:

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