WATCH: The Moment A Toddler Walks Up To A Baby Gorilla

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A recent encounter between a toddler and a gorilla goes to show that animals have emotions just like humans, and wasn’t about to hide it from anyone.

When a gorgeous little boy went for a visit with his family to the Columbus Zoo, the gorillas caught his eye in a special way.

Learning that these large animals was so much fun from a distance, but then the toddler got closer to find out what they are really like.

The toddler noticed that one of the gorillas was hanging out in the distance, while another one of them was a lot closer to the glass.

The temptation was too great not to try to get his attention, and that’s when the unforgettable moment started to take place

Being the curious toddler, the little boy couldn’t resist interacting with the gorilla in whatever way he possibly could.

Simply watching was just out of the question because this boy was all in for the fun and games. He quickly climbed up and reached out his hand for the gorilla to notice him. The gorilla held back for a moment, letting the boy have his fun until he would make his move.

Gorillas can often have the reputation for being quite aggressive, depending on what triggers their emotions. This little gorilla, on the other hand, didn’t seem aggressive in the least.

The boy’s family watched in amazement as the little gorilla began to approach the little boy. Then the little gorilla did something that no one was expecting.

Taking kids to the zoo can often have unpredictable moments, just like animals behavior. One can never know for certainty, how the animals will react when seeing humans of all different ages and personalities.

Adults and children alike point at them and talk to them without evening knowing how much it could entice them. When this little boy does just enough to get the gorilla to react, everyone was completely shocked by what took place.

Watch the video here:

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