Video Of Toddler Scaling An ‘Un-climbable’ Pool Ladder Goes Viral

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The video has gone viral, and been viewed upwards of 18 million times!

A father says that he always keeps a close eye on his 2-year-old son Cody, especially when he’s playing near the family’s above-ground pool.

It was that very watchful eye which kept the toddler from getting into serious danger.

My heart just dropped when I saw it,” said Wyman.

Cody had absolutely no problem scaling the locked gate, which is supposed to keep children from climbing up into a pool.

“I just grabbed him by the diaper and yanked him off. One more second, he would have been in the pool,” said Wyman.

Wyman says that it was the arrow space in between these bars which allowed Cody to wedge his feet in and make his way up.

“He practically ran up it, so I looked at my wife Tanya, I said did you see that? We got to get the phone, we got to tape this,” said Wyman.

With his mother just a few feet away, Cody once again effortlessly mounted the gate.

The video has gone viral on Facebook, with an overwhelming response to it.

“I’m getting a tremendous amount of support from all over the world, telling me their tragic stories,” said Wyman.

Wyman says that he plans to reach out to the manufacturer, saying that the gate just doesn’t work!

“It needs to be attended to. It needs to be redesigned.I honestly think the door should be a solid door,” said Wyman.

Wyman suggests that children like Cody should be involved in testing products like this.

The distributor has been informed about this incident, but we’re not aware of any recall.

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