Urgent Warning: Toddler Severely Burned His Eyes From This Household Item

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A Mom, Jemima Strain, is not only warning parents to be aware that laundry detergent pods can be dangerous – but she wants every parent to see the damage they can do in just a moment.

This UK Mom was doing laundry when a simple accident left her toddler in a lot of pain. She’s now hoping to spread the word: “My little human picked one up, as he always helps to do the washing, and it popped,” she said on Facebook. “On arriving at [the hospital], we spent over an hour and a half with a full team of nurses who had to hold him down and force his eyes open while trying to neutralize the liquid with a liter and a half of saline fluid to wash out his eyes. He was traumatized, as was I.”

Doctors said the toddler suffered chemical burns to his eyes and that if they hadn’t washed his eyes out as quickly as they did, he would have suffered more damage. They also mentioned that other kids have had their corneas burned off from similar events, which left Strain both terrified and frustrated.

This certainly serves as a warning for parents to keep their laundry detergents and tablets out of reach from children. Thankfully this baby is doing better.

In her post, she said: “Please don’t let your children help with the washing. These tablets are as bad bleach and can be life-threatening if swallowed. We were fortunate . . . we acted fast and he was only blind for three days and with drops started to open his eyes and now has full site back.”

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