Unvaccinated Kids May Be Banned From Australian Daycares And Preschools

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Many parents still opt to not have their kids vaccinated, despite the health warnings out there. The decision to not have a child undergo vaccinations not only affects their own health, but also the health of other kids they come into contact with.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants to extend the “no jab, no play” rule into nationwide legislation. “This is not a theoretical exercise — this is life and death,” Turnbull told the BBC. “If a parent says, ‘I’m not going to vaccinate my child,’ they are not simply putting their child at risk, they are putting everybody else’s children at risk too.”

Parents in Australia currently aren’t legally required to vaccinate their kids, but they can’t receive childcare rebates unless they do so. Turnbull, however, thinks this is not enough “Vaccination objection is not a valid exemption. We must give parents the confidence that their children will be safe when they attend childcare and preschool,” Turnbull wrote in a letter to state leaders.

Turnbull made it clear in his speech to reporters that without a medical exemption, he doesn’t want any unvaccinated child to be allowed in any childcare or preschool centers. He says this is for “everybody’s benefit”

All of [some parents’] hard work can be undone by parents who do not have their children vaccinated,” Turnbull said. “This has to be a concerted national effort by all government to ensure that all of our children are vaccinated. The result of that is a healthier, safer Australia.” he says.

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