Unvaccinated Kids Banned From Schools In Italy

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Government has advised parents in Italy  not to send their children to school, without them having received 10 compulsory vaccinations.

This is according to new legislation where parents are now at risk of being fined up to €500 ($564) if they do send their child to school unvaccinated.

The legislation was introduced recently following a rise in measles cases.

Officials say that the vaccination rates have improved since it was brought into action.

Children between the ages of 6-16 can’t be turned away from attending school, however, their parents can face fines if the vaccinations are not up to date.

However kids under six who attend kindergarten and nursery without having received the vaccinations will be affected.

Health Minister Giulia Grillo says that the rules were now simple for kids under six: “No vaccine, no school.”

Children that are however unable to be vaccinated due to medical circumstances are exempt from the requirement and can therefore attend school.

Of course there will be some parents that won’t be to happy with this new law and would prefer not to vaccinate their kids against the possibility of picking up certain diseases.

As reported on Kids Safety Network before, we have seen just how much the anti-vaccination movement has grown globally over recent years.

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