Uber Launches Trip Tracker – Giving Parents Peace Of Mind

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This week Uber announced the launch of its new tracking tool known as Trip Tracker. If you are a parent to a teenager on the move, this may be a way for you to stay in the loop as to his or her comings and goings.

The tool has the ability to let family members and other loved ones track each others’ trips. Trip Tracker is an add-on feature to the Family Profiles Program which Uber launched earlier this year, which allows customers to pay for the friends and family members rides.

So if your teenager uses Uber, you will not only be able to cover the cost of the ride – you will also be able to receive automatic notifications and to follow along on the map whenever he or she is riding under your Family Profile. You will know when he or she is on their way, the route they are taking and also when they’ve arrived.

The journeys are automatically charged to the payment card you have on file with your Family Profile.

According to Uber’s website, this is how you will be able to get the Trip Tracker service up and running:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Uber app.
  • Set up your Family Profile.
  • When one of your members takes a ride with Uber under the Family Profile, you’ll be automatically notified with their trip details.
  • You can follow the trip’s progress live on the map within your own Uber app.
  • The cost of the ride is automatically billed to you and you will both receive a copy of the receipt.

Atlanta, Phoenix and Delta were some of the first markets that the Family Profiles launched in, before rolling out more broadly. Family Profiles are now available to riders around the world and profiles have already been created in over 60 countries worldwide, with more than 50% of these being outside of the U.S.

The most Family Profiles exist in The U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and Columbia and the city of Los Angeles has the Family Profile with the most people on it.

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