UAE Residents Asked To Photograph Children Not Buckled Up In Cars

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Authorities have asked residents of Dubai to photograph and report on cars where a child is on the driver’s lap or in the front seat of a car.

This serves as a move to teach parents the responsible way to drive their kids, says the director general of Dubai’s Community Development, Khaled Al Kamda. He said

“Putting a child in a driver’s lap places the child in a dangerous situation,” and “It is part of our moral duty to ensure a child is protected and if we see behaviour endangering a child it should be reported.”

In an effort to create responsible citizens, the authority says that there is no argument against reporting a situation where a child’s life is in danger.

One condition on this initiative is that the report and photos should be sent only to the authority and not anywhere else.

If he sits on his father’s lap and the father is driving, police will take severe action.” Says Al Kamda.

Al Kamda also warned people not to endanger their own safety by taking photographs while driving.

In the UAE, a Child Protection Law came into effect in June which allows people to report any incidents where relatives, neighbours, caregivers or even medical staff put a child’s life at risk.

People sitting in the front of a car must be strapped in, according to the law and children under the age of 10 are banned from sitting in the front.

Parents who allow their kids to do so, face four black points on their licence and a Dh400 fine.

Parents are welcoming this new law but there are some skeptics. Salha Khalifa, an Emirati lawyer was not convinced that taking photographs would be very effective.

She says that she was not comfortable with people taking photographs and asked: “Many of our cars have black windows so how can photos be taken?”

She also posed a very valid question

“Suppose a mother wants to feed her child and takes out the seat belt? There are many ways to protect children, but with photographs? I’m not so sure.”

The reasoning behind this law is clearly with good intention, however, the practicalities of it create a whole new dimension.

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  1. Stephanie Revitte

    September 7, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    Oh yah let’s all use our cellphones to while we are driving to capture them to add fuel to the flame!

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