Top 10 Kids Product Recalls in 2015

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There were quite a few child related products that were recalled in 2015 for various reasons. Here is a list of the top 10 products which were recalled this year:

1. Cheerios

Probably the highest number of recalls for the year – Food Manufacturer General Mills recalled an estimated 1.8 million boxes of its Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios cereals in October, due to an incident that potentially added wheat into gluten-free labelled products. General Mills shared information via their social media platforms, as well as on its website, on how consumers can identify the boxes that were being recalled.

2. “Where’s the Pacifier?” Chewbeads Baby pacifier clip holders

This recall involved five styles of the pacifier clip holders which included shapes of a Butterfly, Dinosaur, Heart, Sheriff Badge and a white baseball with red stitching and a major league baseball team logo. “Chewbeads baby” is imprinted in raised letters on the rubber shape attachment. The firm had received seven reports of the beads detaching however no injuries have been reported to date.

3. Sardines Fishing Game and Starfish Fishing Game

The plastic worm at the end of the fishing pole line can separate, producing small parts that pose a choking hazard to children. Additionally, the small magnet inside the worm can liberate. Swallowing multiple magnets can result in serious internal injury. Consumers were asked to contact Juratoys for a prepaid shipping envelope to return the game. Juratoys would then send a $15 refund check for the Sardines game and a $20 refund check for the Starfish game. Consumers who paid more should include a receipt in the return to receive a full refund.

4. Wishbone Design Recycled Edition Bikes

The handlebar of this popular bike can pinch fingers placed at the center where the handlebar connects to the bike frame. The firm had received reports of four incidents, including two injuries. One required stitches and one required restorative surgery. Consumers were told to immediately stop using the bike, take it away from children and contact Wishbone or the store where the bike was purchased for a free neoprene cover for the handlebar.


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