Toddler’s Death Deemed The “Worst Case Of Child Abuse” Police Have Seen

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Police in Green Bay are calling this, possibly the worst case of child abuse they’ve ever seen.

A man in Brown County has been booked on charges related to the death of a 16-month old girl in Green Bay. Police say that the girl was the victim of “extreme” abuse.

30-Year-Old Juan J. Maravilla, is facing charges of First Degree Reckless Homicide and Child Abuse – Intentionally Cause Harm.

An autopsy in this case revealed that the baby had multiple injuries, repeated injuries over an extended period of time. And in speaking with investigators, we believe this is possibly the worst case of child abuse that we’ve ever seen,” says Capt. Kevin Warych from Green Bay Police Department.

Police were informed to the child’s death on the morning of May 25.

The little girl had been taken to St. Mary’s Hospital by her mother. An autopsy found that the child had suffered repeated injuries over an extended period of time, Warych says.

The autopsy revealed that there was extreme amounts of abuse and the bruising on the child, which led us to believe that there were repeated acts of this abuse of an extended period of time, which this baby was susceptible to,” Warych says.

Warych says that Maravilla made admissions which substantiated the autopsy findings, and that led to a recommendation of charges.

Maravilla is scheduled to appear in court this week.

“In an incident of this severity, it affects everybody,” Warych says. “And people need closure. And people need to know that people are held responsible because this poor child was susceptible to repeated acts of abuse. And we don’t want this in the community.”

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