Toddler Who Was Nearly Killed By Dog Pack Is Bitten Again

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A Fort Hall toddler who was almost killed by a pack of dogs last month was bitten by another dog on Saturday afternoon, say police.

The little boy was attending a yard sale with his family on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.

2-year-old Gunner Quagigant, reached down to pet a Pug when the bite occurred.

Gunner was taken to a medical facility by his family and received a number stitches to close the wound caused by the Pug, say the child’s family.

It’s believed Gunner was bitten on his arm.

The public affairs manager for the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, Randy’L Teton, said that it’s interesting that the child would attempt to even pet a dog after his recent near-death encounter with a dog pack.

The owner warned him not to pet the dog, but he petted it anyways,” Teton said. “That shows that he’s not scared though.”

Teton said that the Pug and its owner will not face any charges because Gunner was warned not to pet the dog. Fort Hall police are also not going to further investigate the incident.

Gunner was almost killed when a pack of 11 dogs attacked him outside his family’s home at Fort Hall on March 26. He was bitten 35 times, including a bite to his neck which nearly struck a major artery. Another bite also ripped off half his ear.

Gunner made a miraculous recovery and was released from the hospital earlier this month.

8 of the 11 dogs that attacked Gunner were captured by authorities and euthanized.

Gunner’s family said the dog pack was killing and eating other dogs in their neighborhood in the days leading up to the attack on the boy.

The owner of 4 of the dogs involved in the attack on Gunner has been charged with maintaining a public nuisance. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 30 days in jail and a $200 fine.

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