Toddler Swallows Button Battery From Remote Control

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Harley Roberts, a toddler who was in hospital for swallowing a battery last week, is finally home.

Two-year-old Harley Roberts accidentally swallowed a button battery, the type used for some kinds of remote controls.

Shortly after she swallowed the battery last Tuesday, the toddler was taken to the IWK Health Centre in Halifax for emergency surgery.

The girls family wasn’t sure what the toddler’s recovery would look like.

On Wednesday, Doctors discovered that Harley was recovering well enough to be able to go home.

“I was so excited for her and I kept telling her, ‘Oh we get to go home! and she was really excited too,” Roberts said.

Harley’s sister Alexis said that she was also excited to have her sister home.

“I love that she’s home and I love that she’s out of the hospital.” She told CBS news.

The family has finally been able to have the Christmas they planned for.

But Harley’s recovery isn’t over yet.

The toddler will be on some medication for the next month and could be on a liquid diet for a few weeks or more — depending on how fast her body recovers and will also have to attend appointments to check for any scarring inside.

For now Roberts said she’s just happy to see her little girl acting like her old self again.

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Images: CBS News

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