Toddler Suffers Terrifying Allergic Reaction After Eating Single Cashew

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A toddler is back home and doing well after he was hospitalized for a terrifying allergic reaction.

Last month, 2-year-old Cruz was eating lunch with his Mother at a friend’s house when he began having trouble breathing.

His mom told reporters that he ate one cashew and started throwing up, was struggling to breathe and his face started to swell.

She called 911 and paramedics quickly arrived. It turned out that he was in anaphylactic shock.

Doctors said that her young children can develop food allergies they didn’t have before, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what your child is eating.

“You never know, and you certainly can’t watch them every minute of every second of every day but just be cognizant that it can happen,”said John Graham, a paramedic with EMSA. “She did great. She made the right decision. I know a lot of times the gut instinct, especially if you’re in a car, is to drive. You want to immediately pull over and call 911.”

That decision could end up saving your child’s life.

They got him hooked up to a nebulizer, gave him epinephrin and Benadryl and they did it so quick,” Landis said. “I mean, while it’s happening, it feels like a lifetime. But, it was a whole 10-minute process, and it saved him.”

We are glad that this little guy is doing just fine now.

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