Toddler Shoots Self And Another Person Outside Chuck E.Cheese

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A family outing turned out badly on Friday evening after 2 young children were accidentally shot in a Texas Chuck E. Cheese parking lot, while alone in a parent’s car.

Two 3-year-old boys reportedly walked out of a Fort Worth Chuck E. Cheese ahead of their adult companions, who were reportedly just behind them, and went into a family car.

A Fort Worth police spokesperson said that the children found a .380-caliber pistol in the car, one of the boys began playing with it when he accidentally shot himself in the hand and the other boy in his back. That bullet went through to the boy’s abdomen. He is in a serious condition at a local hospital but expected to survive. The other child suffered only a minor injury to his hand.

It is still not clear whether the boys are related and how many parents were with them at Chuck E. Cheese prior to the accident.

According to a CBS Dallas Forth Worth broadcast news report, a parent is most likely going to face charges of making a firearm accessible to a child.

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