Toddler Needs Surgery After Being Burned In Grease Fire

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A family in Osgood, Ind is seeking help paying medical bills after a toddler was burned by burning hot grease.

The Sixteen-month-old girl, Harlee Falkner, was severely burned in her family’s home in Osgood on Thursday, September 21.

The toddlers father was cooking dinner when the grease caught on fire. As he rushed to get the flaming pan out of the home, he accidentally spilled grease onto the child.

Harlee was rushed to the hospital in Indianapolis. She was later transferred to a hospital in Cincinnati where the doctors are currently treating burns on her head, neck, and back.

Mother Megan Falkner told reporters that her daughter was undergoing surgery this week.

Friends of the Falkner family have now set up a page to help them pay for hospital expenses as well as missed pay as they deal with the crisis. The page has a $3,000 goal. More than $1,000 was already raised on the first day.

Kids Skin `Burnt` By Peppa Pig Sunscreen

A Horrified Mom, Jessie has taken to the Cancer Council Australia Facebook page to warn other parents about the possible dangers of the Charity’s 50+Peppa pig sunscreen.

She shared images of her 3-month-old son Thomas’s skin, which looks as if it’s been scalded in some way.

In her post she said:

“This is my 3 month old son. He has not been in the sun, he was simply outdoors so I put screen on him just in case,” she says.

“We’ve been in hospital for 3 days, 2 nights so far trying to treat this horrible rash/burn caused by your 50+Peppa pig sunscreen.

“DO NOT BUY THIS SUNSCREEN. Please explain how your product could possibly do this?!”

The post along with the shocking image attracted a phenomenal amount of attention and it got many parents lashing out.

The majority of commenters to the post claim that they have experienced similar reactions with their own kids which have prompted some to call for the product to be pulled off the shelves.

Some of the comments said:

“This Peppa pig sunscreen is the worst I have used! Me and my 4.5 year old son have got badly burnt every time we have used it, will be going in the bin and will buy never again.”

“Omg! I hate this sunscreen. I lathered my daughter in it when going to the beach, and she got soooooo burnt, almost like she had no sunscreen on at all. I will never ever ever buy this.”

 “Wow, only last Saturday we were at the beach. I put the Peppa pig sunscreen on my daughters face and another brand everywhere else. Her face was terribly burnt but no where else. But maybe it wasn’t burn and a reaction.”

The odd commenter, however, said they never had a problem with it, like this one:

 “I have never had a problem with it- I reapply every 2 hours to ensure no burning- Not every child will react to it – and let’s not forget that parents and kids forget to reapply so hence they get burnt anyway.”


Fortunately, Thomas was released from the hospital and the skin is healing. However, his Mom is quite shocked by the number of parents with similar concerns. She said on the post:

“I would expect maybe one or two comments about similar reactions, but I’m appalled by the amount of others who have gone through this. This can’t be right – a product aimed at children should be gentle and safe,”


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