Toddler Left With His Mom’s Dead Body For Two Days

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A heartbroken mother who lost her daughter to a fatal asthma attack has spoken out about the moment her three-year-old grandson was found at home saying he was unable to wake his Mom.

The toddler, Mason Martin, had been alone in the house in Perth, Scotland, for 2 days after his Mother Lydia Macdonald passed away from an asthma attack.

The little boy had survived by eating a piece of cheese he’d found in the fridge.

The boy’s grandmother, Linda Macdonald, 58, became concerned about her daughter when her best friend Jodi-Ann called, saying that she hadn’t heard from her in days.

Jodi-Ann then visited Lydia’s home, where there was no answer at the door.  She spied Mason through the glass and asked him to open the door.

That is when she found Lydia in bed, who had stopped breathing and passed away in her sleep holding her inhaler.

Mason suffered from dehydration and was taken to the hospital, where Linda had to deliver the sad news that his mummy was never going to wake up.

Lydia was diagnosed with severe asthma at the age of two. Linda recalled “Despite this she was always a happy, bubbly little girl. She would be in and out of hospital, rushed in in ambulances.

“By her teens she would be hospitalized at least five times a year with severe attacks.

“She would be sent home an hour after being on a nebulizer, despite her complaining that she still couldn’t breathe.”

Linda said: “Lydia was always sensible about her condition and always carried an inhaler.We taught her to be independent and after leaving school at 16 she trained to be a hairdresser.”

In 2011, Lydia fell pregnant with the love of her life, Bobby.

“Things moved quickly and after six months together Lydia got pregnant,” explained Linda.

“Admittedly it was fast, but they were thrilled and Ron (Lydia’s dad) and I were happy about it.”

Lydia’s pregnancy went well and her asthma appeared to improve during that time. She gave birth to her son Mason in April 2012.

She and Bobby seemed elated,” smiled Linda. However, in December 2012, Bobby died suddenly – when Mason was just eight months old.

“Lydia was devastated,” said Linda. “She would show Mason photos of his dad every day and told him he was the biggest star in the sky watching over him.

“She struggled with her grief but Mason gave her a reason to carry on.”

Fortunately, Mason has his loving Grandmother who is able to care for him.

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