Toddler Kisses His Mom Goodbye As She Dies After Giving Birth to His Sister

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This heartbreaking photo shows a 17-month-old toddler kissing his mom one last time before she died from brain damage, just hours after doctors performed an emergency C-section to rescue her baby daughter.

Imogen Petrak had checked into a hospital from the Gold Coast in Australia with an ear infection.

She was 36 weeks pregnant at the time and Doctors discovered that Imogen’s ear infection had spread to her brain, causing deadly damage.

The medical staff had to rush to perform an emergency C-section and Imogen’s daughter, Eleanor, was born 4 weeks premature but healthy.

Then, as her vital signals declined, her toddler son, JB, was brought in to give his mom one last kiss. “Today was a very bittersweet day,” wrote John Petrak, Imogen’s husband, in a Facebook message. “At 12:11 a.m. Eleanor Lillian Joy, my first daughter and second child was born via emergency [c-section]. Then some time after 5 p.m., my beautiful wife of three years died from complication of an ear infection.” The heartbroken father thanked his family for supporting him through the difficult time.

“Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes, but God took her home,” Petrak wrote.

According to his post, Eleanor will stay in intensive care for a few days to help flush liquid from her lungs.

“She is so beautiful,” wrote Petrak about his daughter. “She has Imogen’s lips, ears, hair.”“Leaving to go home her suitcase she prepared was in the boot, never to be used. At home, her sewing machine on the table, with unfinished work for Eleanor,” the father wrote.

“Every single plan we had … erased. She was my help and now she is gone. But through all this I have my God, and he has Imogen and my grandparents and in due time he will have me.”

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