Toddler Falls Out of Window of West Philadelphia Home

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A 2-year-old girl is recovering after she fell out of a window at a home in West Philadelphia Saturday night.

Police say that the toddler was playing by herself in a room inside her home on the 800 block of Markoe Street while her mother was in another room.

The child then fell through a second-floor window that did not have a screen and she landed on the concrete below.

The child’s mother heard screams and rushed to the room before she saw her daughter outside on the ground.

Police are currently investigating the incident but don’t believe there was any foul play at this stage.

The girl was taken to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she is currently in a stable condition.

“Our detectives from Special Victims will be looking into this but right now it doesn’t appear to have any signs of foul play,” Philadelphia Police Captain George Fuchs said. “But that’s for our detectives to look into.”

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