Toddler Dies Of Heat Stroke After 17-Year-Old Mother Leaves Him To Sleep In Hot Car

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A 19-month-old Austrian boy has died after being left in a hot car by his 17-year-old mother and her boyfriend.

The Mother apparently did not want to wake him after a long car journey, the couple – who have not been named – left the child asleep while they went upstairs for a nap in the western town of Nenzing in Vorarlberg.

Later on, the boyfriend rushed down to the car, which was in a secluded spot, and found the child’s lifeless body, state police said.

Temperatures at the time were around 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).

‘An autopsy… in Innsbruck established the cause of death as heat stroke,’ a statement said.

The couple are now receiving counselling.


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