Toddler Dies After Falling 25ft From Apartment ‘While Parents Were Sleeping’

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A toddler has died after falling around 25 feet from a second-floor apartment in a Portugal resort town – reportedly while his parents slept.

The child, aged 18 months, was rushed to hospital critically injured on Saturday morning, after the incident at the Algarve holiday resort of Lagos.

Sources confirmed that the child had sadly died as a result of his injuries after being admitted to a paediatric intensive care unit.

The child’s parents are British but lived on the Algarve and the child was born in Portugal and is said to have Portuguese nationality.

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Police are now investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

They have made no official comment but have confirmed the parents are British.

One source said that it was believed the child had died in a tragic accident – possibly while the parents were still sleeping – but the investigation was ongoing.

The alert was sounded around 9.30am on Saturday. The boy’s parents were both believed to have been in the apartment, near the entrance to Lagos, at the time.

Police, firefighters and ambulance crews were called to the scene.

No names had been mentioned in the case.

The child was rushed to Portimao Hospital before being transferred to the Algarve University Hospital Centre in Faro.A source said on Sunday: “Unfortunately the child was not able to overcome his serious injuries.”

A neighbour told a Portuguese online news site: “I heard a young man, who practiced first aid on the youngster, screaming.

“The neighbour on the first floor came to the window. He then went to knock on the parents’ door and the mum came to the window and saw her son lying on the ground.”

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