Toddler Dies After His Neck Gets Stuck In Car Window

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A toddler in Indiana has died, days after his neck became trapped in the automatic window of a vehicle.

A Facebook page documenting Logan Vanderkleed’s hospital stay, says he died early Thursday morning, a week after the accident.

Logan got his neck stuck in the window of a vehicle while his Father was working on a family farm.

The mother said in a Facebook post that the children were sleeping in a vehicle with the air conditioning on, while their father was cleaning out another vehicle next to them. Somehow Logan rolled down the window and accidentally rolled it up with an automatic button.

The boy was reportedly not breathing when he was found and was without a pulse for a significant amount of time as medical personnel gave him CPR.

Logan was airlifted to Riley Hospital for Children where he showed low levels of brain function due to the time frame doctors believed he was without a pulse.

On Monday, Logan still had a low-level of brain activity, however, doctors did not declare him brain-dead.

On Wednesday, Logan was prepped and entered surgery to preserve his heart valves. The family said that Logan was breathing on his own following the surgery.

At 1:07 a.m., however, Logan died as family and friends sang worship songs in his hospital room. “I felt a strong urge to hold Logan,” his mother wrote on Facebook. “He just wanted his mommy. Moments after I got him, he took his last breath.”

Doctors were able to preserve his heart valves for a future donation.

His mother also posted a clay imprint made from his hand and a foot.

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