Toddler In Critical Condition After Falling Down Stairs

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Devyn Wayne Grabowski turned 22-months-old Wednesday, lying in a hospital bed.

The Niagara Falls toddler is in critical condition at Women and Children’s Hospital.

Town of Tonawanda Police are investigating what led to his injuries. They received a first aid call Oct.5 from Sheridan Drive; it was for a toddler who had fallen down the stairs.

Devyn’s mother, Caitlyn Moebs, told us he wasn’t in her care at the time. Her mother and Devyn’s father currently have custody of the child.

The toddler suffered spinal fractures and may have brain damage.

“It’s been awful. A lot of tears. A lot of pain. Just seeing him lay there with tubes and not moving, it’s heartbreaking,” she said.

Friday, she was preparing to let go, when Devyn wasn’t showing any signs of improvement.

“They let me lay in bed with him and just feeling him move underneath me was heartbreaking. And we baptized him Friday morning at about 8 o’clock.”

But then, little Devyn turned a corner; he was taken off his paralytic and started to move again.

“I’ve cried everyday, numerous times a day if not all day. And hearing that, it was great news,” Moebs told News 4.

It’s still going to be an uphill battle for the little boy. The family has created a Go Fund Me Page to help with medical expenses.

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