Toddler Battling Serious Disease After Just Playing Outside In Front Yard

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A toddler is now battling a potentially serious disease after just playing outside in the front yard of her home in Kanawha County. Doctors say that she now has Lyme disease.

It just got worse so we went back and they told us we needed to go to the hospital to get IV antibiotics,” said Raelynn’s mother about when she first took her daughter to the hospital.

Her mother found a tick on her on April 30, 2017. The Mom didn’t think much of it because Lyme disease isn’t common in the area however days later a rash developed on Raelynn’s stomach getting worse as time passed eventually landing her in the hospital for a day and a half.

Now we’re just in the process of waiting for tests to come back to see if she’s going to have the long term condition or if we caught it early enough to get rid of the whole thing,” said Tiffany Delafuentes.

Lyme disease can cause long term damage to joints and the nervous system.

“I’m holding out hope especially now that she’s still on the same medication she was in the hospital and  I’m hoping that we did catch it early enough,” said Tiffany Delafuentes.

Stephanie Dewees, Nursing Director at the Kanawha Charleston Health Department says “Definitely go to your doctor just for them to check the child and make sure that it’s not Lyme disease,” 

Her rash has however improved.

“She hasn’t let it bother her at all, the only time she’s really let it get to her is when she had fevers with it and other than that she’s just been her happy go lucky self,” said the girl’s mother.

This certainly serves as a reminder to keep kids away from those high grassy or wooded areas and always put bug spray on.

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