How to Discipline Your Children In 3 Positive Ways

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If you are looking to see great behaviors in your child, using positive discipline is a great way to encourage good choices! When people hear words like “positive discipline” or “redirection,” many people assume that folks are being too easy on children, but the fact is fear tactics, yelling and hitting isn’t going to bring up a confident child!

Fear tactics will only create a scared and anxious child. That’s not a recipe for a happy adult later on in life.

Try these three tools of positive discipline in order to get your kid back on the right track!

Catch Your Child Being Goodhappy-mother

The best way to get your child feeling good about making good choices? Catch him or her being good!

This positive discipline tool is simple to do and only requires you to be mindful of your kiddo.

When your child makes a good choice or does something positive that you have been working on him or her with, simply catch your child in the act by praising and rewarding him or her that very moment! This is the time to bust out a surprise reward that your child wasn’t expecting or perhaps just showering your little one with a heap of praise!

Redirect, Redirect, Redirect (& Ignore)

Ignore–Sometimes my child does things simply to get my attention– and these things may not be good things! One of the best ways to extinguish a bad behavior is to not reward it with any attention or commentary. Ignoring the behavior is a good way to guarantee that your child won’t do it again because it simply didn’t reap the reaction he or she was hoping for. This positive discipline tool requires no yelling or fuss!

Redirect— If your child is not making a smart choice, how can you redirect his or her energies? Is the atmosphere causing poor behavior? Food he or she is eating? The company your kiddo is keeping? Is your child bored? Think of ways to refocus your child’s attention onto something new in order to stop that pesky bad behavior.


Setting Goals 

Instead of letting your kid have access to as many fun things and treats as possible, perhaps set up some of his or her favorite things as goals.

For example, a trip to the ice cream shoppe could become a bit more powerful when that trip is only earned by a week or two of great behavior.

This reward will be well-cherished and worked for.

This is one positive discipline tool that has worked for me, each and every time!


What’s your opinion? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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