This Woman Fell Pregnant With Twins 6 WEEKS After Giving Birth

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An Australian Mom has opened up about the moment she found out she was pregnant – just SIX weeks after giving birth to her first child.

Eliza Curby went from being a mom of none, to a mother of 3 – Charlie, Jack and Wolfe –  in just 12 ‘very short’ months.

‘For several weeks I had felt seriously seriously exhausted, which I put down to sleep deprivation,’ Eliza told Daily Mail Australia.

‘However, when it continued I noticed that it was coupled with a familiar feeling… a very familiar feeling. It was the feeling a had had when I was pregnant with Charlie.’

Eliza and her partner, Ben, welcomed their daughter 18 months ago, and the new mum said the weeks following her birth were a ‘whirlwind’.

‘Motherhood was what I had expected. Growing up with a midwife mum may have prepared me somewhat,’ Eliza said.

‘My life was purely made up of feed, burp, sleep repeat. It really took six weeks to come up for air and get my head around my new role! 

‘And just as this happened I of course fell pregnant again.’

Eliza said that she was breastfeeding at the time and after discovering that hormone-altering forms of contraception didn’t suit her, she decided to ‘work around the old wives’ tale that breastfeeding acted as a natural contraceptive’.

‘However, I’ll admit – again with Mum being a midwife – I was aware that nothing is foolproof.’

After suffering from a dull headache every morning and a general ‘lack of bounce’, Eliza started to wonder if she might be pregnant.

I laughed with Ben about the prospect that perhaps I was pregnant again – and that what it remained for some time – a big joke. So I took a pregnancy test just to be sure – and it came back negative.’ 

‘And so over the course of about four weeks I continued to take them  – I was unconvinced – and then boom ‘positive’

‘I was shocked but at the same time kind of excited to say to Ben ‘I was right!”

The new Mom said the news also made her apprehensive about how things would work out logistically but she was happy because she had always wanted ‘lots of kids’.

Eliza then went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy and was sent for an ultrasound, where there was another surprize to come.

‘He turned to us and said “Look it’s too early to say but I think it’s twins”. I was shocked. I couldn’t help but start laughing. That nervous ‘what happens now’ kind of awkward laugh. I really did think it was hilarious.’ 

Eliza said that a psychic friend of her had told her three years earlier that she would have three children in ‘quick succession’.

After confirmation that she was expecting twins, Eliza said she went into full on ‘prep mode’ – immersing herself in the online world of Mom blogs and taking tips from the Australian Multiple Birth Association.

“First thing we needed to organise was a new car,’ Eliza said.

We couldn’t fit everyone. So we got ourselves the amazing VW Multilane which is the best move we ever made.’ 

Her twins, Jack and Wolfe, now 7 months, were born on Christmas Eve 2016 via emergency cesarean.

‘Life with three little ones is busy,’ Eliza admitted. ‘There’s no other way to put it. Busy busy busy.’

She described the first six months as ‘full on’.

‘You’re so deep in babies it’s hard to feel like you’ll ever be out of the baby vortex ever again,’ she said.

‘Sleep deprivation is the killer. And anyone with twins – even those whose twins sleep – know this. 

‘I wrote my first blog entry about it when I found myself one day in the shower with my underwear on. Who gets in the shower clothed?’

‘But I have found that being on the other side of the first six-month blur, it does get easier. You get better at it, and the babies get more fun,’ she said.

‘Every day struggles now are leaving the house with all three on my own. I do it, but some days you just feel like it’s just not worth it.

‘It’s so hard to find time to spend with friends, who you need to keep you sane, when you’re constantly over-calculating your days based on three separate children’s sleep times and trying to explain this to friends without kids just makes you sound boring.’ 

Eliza admitted the first six months after the twins were born were so difficult she wouldn’t have recommended it to other women, however now she feels differently.

The pros are watching the three interact and learn from each other and also the realisation that ‘I’m done’,’ she said.

‘Rather than staggering several pregnancies over many years, having your body yo-yo in and out, I got it done.

‘I don’t have to do pregnancy again if I don’t want to. My work here is done, and now I have my body back – which trust me, after a twin pregnancy is the best feeling ever.’


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