This Mom’s Clutter Hack Is Brilliant

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Getting kids to clean their own room is a big win for parents.

Children and messy bedrooms and playrooms go hand. You’ll find the dirty socks and clothes amongst legos, and figurines. It doesn’t seem to bother the kids, they will just continue to play amongst the madness you once called a carpet.

Thankfully a mom has come up with the ULTIMATE toy clutter hack. This trick has worked so well for her and it will probably work for many other moms that are in her same position.

Instead of allowing her kids to play with whatever and whenever they want it – the mom suggests that we allow our kids to pick 3 toys at a time. All of the rest of their possessions may be stored in a safe but unreachable place.

You could allow your kids to pick three toys to play with for the week – and that’s it.

At first, it may be a bit hard on the kids, but it will make things much easier on you.

According to Southern Living, mom and writer Kristi Pahr says that she has one simple rule that she’s managed to get her kids to abide to with great results.

Here’s what she writes:

“All the toys were placed into unsealed boxes, and I labeled each box with exactly what toys or play sets were inside. Then everything went upstairs to the room above our garage. The plan was to allow the boys to go upstairs once a week and choose three toys each to bring down. The following week, those toys went back and different toys were chosen.”

She continues, “The change—in the house and in mu children—was both immediate and incredible. They didn’t complain about being bored anymore. They played and were engaged with one or two toys and weren’t overwhelmed by choices. And my house was glorious. No piles of toys, no blocks in the halls, no swearing under my breath (or not under my breath) when I stepped on misplaced toys.

What do you think? Will your kids survive with just 3 toys per week?

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