This Mom Shared A Brilliant Diaper Bag Hack

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A brilliant mom has created the ultimate diaper bag hack which has the Internet going crazy!

California mom Elizabeth Burchiel, an artist who runs the Facebook page Painted Dragon, recently took a few common items and combined them in such a way that the modern diaper bag is now something amazing.

By strapping diaper wipes to the top of an empty plastic wipes container with a headband she found at the Dollar Tree, this Mom was able to create space inside for a quick change of clothes, a plastic bag for dirty diapers as well as a changing pad for her baby.

Diaper bags are typically a disorganized mess which has a way of just collecting rubbish like empty water bottles and wrappers, thanks to it being so deep and wide with many pockets.

According to Burchiel, the diaper bag hack “accidentally evolved.”

I liked the box the wipes came in, but didn’t really need it at home anymore because I had gotten a wipe warmer as a gift,” she said. “So the box just got set aside. I use a cloth grocery bag for my diaper bag because, well, I really like it and its frickin’ cute. But it’s just a bag with a couple small pockets and a snap to hold it mostly together, so everything is just in there.”

As most Moms would imagine, Burchiel got pretty frustrated one day while digging through for diapers and wipes, so she grabbed the box and shoved them both in there. That’s when she realized that even with 5 small diapers in there, she still had extra room. That’s when she tossed a little outfit in, and made it the ultimate “blow-out” solution.

“Tying the wipes to the lid actually took a little longer to happen,” she explains, “but I was rummaging through my bathroom and found a headband and just put two and two together. [I later made improvements] to have it so it’s not seen after and now I’ve tossed in a roll of doggie bags after seeing all the suggestions for plastic bags for disposal and what not.”

Perfect for throwing in the stroller or leaving in your car for moments you’re on the go!

Burchiel, who says she’s “a minimalist at heart,” has found the diaper bag hack to be great for many scenarios.

I just toss it in the bag with a few blankets and my ring sling and I’m good to go!” she says.

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