This Mom Is Being Bashed For How She Gets Her Baby To Sleep

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The Internet has a lot to say about this mother and the way she tricks her baby to go to sleep.

Getting a newborn to fall asleep is not easy – we all know that. However, a lot of people are outraged with this mother by calling her stupid for doing this to her child.

The Mirror UK says that an anonymous mother attached a thick elastic band to secure a KitchenAid to the mobile attached to her child’s bouncer chair. Her logic is that when the KitchenAid is turned on, its motion rocks the chair back and forth, allowing the baby to fall asleep.

The post on Facebook received a number of nasty comments which included:

Not to be a downer but someone should tell these people how f****** dangerous that is,”  said one.

Another writes, “When (not if) that piece of cloth catches, it will dump the baby into the mixing paddle where an arm or leg will likely catch, spinning the baby around in the mixer until baby dies or someone stops the mixer, whichever happens first.”

This is monumentally stupid because the baby will likely get hurt given a long enough time,” said another woman.

I think death is unlikely,” reasoned one man “but a badly broken arm or leg is definitely possible, even if it is unlikely.”

Colleen Driscoll, the executive director of the International Association for Child Safety doesn’t recommend that you do this online.

“Many ‘parent hacks’ can be found on the internet,” she told the Daily Mail in an interview. “Some might be clever but not follow safety practices. Please consult safety experts to learn more and take the time to carefully review instructions.”

I honestly think it’s a matter of common sense.  If you can’t spend the time to rock your baby to sleep, then ask someone else for help. A DIY hack like this one can put your baby in seriously potential danger.

What are your thoughts on this?

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