This Mom Has A Special Tip For New Dads

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Australian blogger, Sophia Cachia from The Young Mummy, blogs about the ups, downs, and craziness of being a young mom to two little kids. She has a toddler by the name of Bobby and a newborn daughter, Florence.

Not too long ago, she took a photo of her son interrupting her on the toilet, an experience every mom is very familiar with.

She was heavily pregnant with her daughter, the time the picture was taken.

Now, as a Mom of 2 kids, the challenges of parenting are only getting more complicated.

Fortunately, her husband Jaryd, is very hands on, and helps with everything including feeding, burping, and diaper explosions. He’s even there to capture beautiful moments that Mom may not have time to take anymore.

Sophia loves that her husband is always ready to take a snap, and she’s now urging other dads to do the same for the overworked and overtired mothers of their children.

Sophia drew lots of attention on Facebook recently with a sweet post about her growing family. In all the chaos, she rarely gets the chance to catch candid moments with the kids, so she thanks her husband for helping to capture them.

Her post has spread far and wide, racking over 47,000 reactions and 63,000 shares across the internet!

In the post, Sophia is snuggled up on the couch with her toddler Bobby. It’s one of the few moments where she isn’t caught up in the care of newborn Florence, so it’s especially precious to her.

She wants to preserve her sweet moments with Bobby whenever she gets them, as newborn Florence is currently taking up most of her time.

With two little kids, it can often be difficult for a Mom to take a minute to relax and fortunately, Cachia’s husband Jaryd is often on hand to capture the candid moments before they pass them by.

Often, Moms are also the official family photographers, meaning they get left out of the picture quite often.

In the post she thanked her husband, Sophia wrote:

“Dear Men, take the photo.

Take the god damn photo.

We spend days capturing beautiful moments of you and the kids.

So whenever you see one of us with our babies, a beautiful candid moment, take the bloody god damn photo.

Cheers, Mums.
[Jaryd] nailed it.


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