This Man Live Streamed His Wife Giving Birth On Facebook

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A new Father, Fakamalo Kihe Eiki, thought that he’s family and friends needed to see his partner give birth to his son so he live-streamed the entire 45 minute birth on Facebook – and it’s still there if you want to watch it.

He decided he wanted to let the world watch along when his partner went in to labor with their baby boy.

The excited dad posted the video to his Facebook page with the caption “Let’s try pushing baby out,” and then filmed the 45-minute labor and delivery while streaming it to family, friends and the world on social media.

Eiki is completely excited and filming his son’s birth, and he’s partner is calm and relaxed throughout! She’s just focused and in the moment.

As his partner gets ready to push, Eiki is heard giving words of encouragement like, “You’ve got it!, he’s right there! He’s right there, babe.”

As she takes oxygen and breathes deeply waiting for the next contraction, Eiki keeps the camera trained and continues to encourage her.

Around the 35 minute mark, Eiki’s baby is ready to be born and he’s at his partner’s side not concentrating so much on the camera at this point, we can hear his excitement when he proclaims ‘the baby is out, yay!’

It’s always amazing to watch a new life being brought in to this world, but I’m not sure whether I would be willing to share that special moment live on camera. Many criticized him for sharing the video on Facebook but Eiki responded by posting a message on his Facebook page.

“The gift of life… is so bad to share… wow… such a world we live in… shame. Why watch? lol it was for those that were family and if you do not like, tune out?
Disney Channel is more explicit than the video of my sons birth… lol
Why not go after pedophiles? Murderers and so forth? Kidnappers and bullies…”

Would you want your birth live streamed on Facebook for the world to see?

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