This Dad Reveals Why He Still Sends Ex-Wife Roses

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If you get married or have kids, your intention and hope is that your love will continue to grow and that you and your partner will continue to live a happy life together.

As we all know, this is not always the case.

Breaking up is one of life’s hardest experiences, whether or not kids are involved. It’s so easy to fall into anger and resentment, which can end up really badly for all parties involved.

When kids are involved, they often end up trapped in a whirlwind of anger when two adults decide to go their separate ways.

This is not the case for a Dad, Billy Flynn and his family. A Facebook post is currently spreading like crazy across the world, where Billy describes how he decided to handle his family’s situation after he and his wife got divorced. The main point he is trying to make is that: his children should not have to be affected by their breakup!

Couples break up for various reasons and may not always be possible for exes to come to a perfect common ground, however we call all learn from the way Flynn is approaching his family’s situation.

In the post, Billy wrote:

“It’s my ex-wife’s birthday today so I got up early and brought flowers and cards and a gift over for the kids to give her and helped them make her breakfast. Per usual someone asked me why the hell I still do things for her all the time. This annoys me. So ima break it down for you all.
I’m raising two little men. The example I set for how I treat their mom is going to significantly shape how they see and treat women and affect their perception of relationships. I think even more so in my case because we are divorced. So if you aren’t modeling good relationship behavior for your kids, get your shit together. Rise above it and be an example. This is bigger than you.

Raise good men. Raise strong women. Please. The world needs them, now more than ever.”

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