This Dad Handled his 6-Year-Old’s “Accident” Just Perfectly

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Almost all children wet their pants or “have accidents” at some point in their lives. However when it happens to your own 6-year-old child and they happen to be at school when it happens – your child is likely to be extremely embarrassed.

The accident itself is not the thing a parent would worry about, but it’s the possible embarrassment your child may feel.

This is exactly what happened to 6-year-old Valerie, but her Dad stepped in and decided that if his little girl was going to feel embarrassed, so would he!

Valerie had an accident while she was at school. Ben Sowards’ wife, Connie, told him that Valerie was crying and that she wanted him to pick her up so that she could come home.

So the Dad came to his little girl’s rescue. …

Lucinda, Valerie’s 17-year-old sister, tweeted pics of their dad on his way to pick her up from school.

The Dad decided to splash water on himself and roll up at her school in “pee” soaked pants himself. He asked if he could borrow Valerie’s backpack to help cover up.

The internet is loving this Dad’s caring gesture and for going above and beyond for his daughter.

Lucinda also spoke praises about her Dad “I have memories of my dad working all night building a play set when I was little and waking me up in the morning to take me out and push me on the swings. Both of my parents are incredibly selfless, especially when it comes to the happiness of their family,”

Lucinda said that Valerie thought the gesture was really “hilarious” and that her dad is “very humbled at all the positive responses. He knows a lot of parents out there would do the same thing.”

Well done Dad!

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