This Cute Toddlers Mistake Has Left The Internet Gushing

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This adorable video of a 2-year-old named Rayna has made the internet fall completely in love with her.

Rayna was out for a walk when she met what she thought was a robot outside her neighbor’s house.

Naturally, the toddler was delighted at meeting the new friend in the neighborhood. While it was actually a hot water heater, and not, in fact, a cool robot, her dad kept it a secret and filmed her adorable reaction – and the internet is gushing over it!

The encounter first happened back in March of 2014, however, the video has just now gone viral, after her Dad, Jordan uploaded it to YouTube on March 27.

Rayna spotted this as we went out to play and started to say ‘robot!’” Jordan said  “I turned on my camera to record as we approached the ‘robot.’”

You have to watch it – When she says “Hi wobot,” – your heart will just melt!

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